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Mother Camila de San Jose Rolón

Mother Camila Charism 

Camila was born on the 18th of July 1842. The sounds of leaves, the song of birds, the murmur of a neighboring river, filled her first years...Her eyes opened on the infinite pampas, on the green hillsides and on colored flowers. From her first childhood, she was used to loving and to being loved. In her parents' home she received strong principles of truth, discretion, loyalty, faithfulness, as well as those of hospitality, elegance and gravity which are specific to the gaucho. 

Her parents, Eusebio Rolon and Maria Gutierrez, bequeath to her above all the spiritual richness of a religious upbringing: a resolute faith; the right meaning of life and death...; the exact meaning of God the Father and Creator of all things; the humble and serene attitude face to sacrifice, to suffering and death.

She well knew human pain and was generous with active charity: poor children, sick people, victims of the yellow fever, they all felt the kindness of her touch and the help of the strong arms of young Camila. 

She thought that the Lord would call her to the cloisters, but then she understood that He wanted her to a founder. And she began to dream...

At Exaltacion de la Cruz, she heard the call of the countryside, that of the fertile soil, not yet plowed, awaiting active sowers: "People are lost because they have no one to give them the bread of Christtian doctrine, and they starve..." Multiplied herself in her Poor Sisters of Saint Joseph, she would be able to carry out her insatiable desire to teach men the love of the Father and to answer Him in a permanent hymn of adoration and praise. 

In poor health and without any resources, she began her mission, she was convinced that "the Great and Merciful God, author of marvels and Lord of Lords", was her "Kind Father" who loved her and who took care of her by His loving Providence. 

Mother Camila, "poor and humble costera", is a message of comforting hope. She took the cross of evangelization, traveled over Argentina and Uruguay, then scattered her disinterested charity over Europe and over the world, making, like Christ, the choice in favor of the poor. Her spiritual perception that God is always more -- more than difficulties, more than limitation, more than poverty, gives the assurance that the mercy and love of God succeed over our sins and over our poverty. 

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