Tuesday, October 13, 2015

V Centenary of the Birth of Saint Teresa of Avila

Our Founder, Venerable Camila de San Jose Rolon, wanting to give herself totally to God felt called to the cloistered life with the Carmelites. After having entered she had to abandon the Carmel 29 days later due to an illness that would accompany her for the rest of her life. During her recuperation Camila had the thought “if I am not a nun I will be a founder”.

It is for this reason that when our Mother founds our Congregation, those 29 days in the Carmel, strongly marked her heart taking her to embrace the Carmelite Spirituality placing Saint Joseph, our Lady of Mount Carmel and Saint Teresa of Avila as Patrons of our Congregation and naming it the Poor Sisters of Saint Joseph.

This is how Mother Camila felt identified with Saint Teresa in the experience that they both had with God as “God and Lord of all” and their “abandonment trusting in Providence and the contemplation of Christ in his mystery of poverty and filial abandonment in the Father”.

With the passing of time our Congregation was added to the Carmelite Order as Tertiaries.

We must now stop to ponder on the reality that this Saint and Doctor of the Church is still an example for us today. From the moment God calls us into existence to the day we return to Him we are called to be only for Him. In doing this we give praise to Him for all eternity. 

Now it is our turn to follow these steps as Saint Teresa and Mother Camila, have already done. It is our turn to walk this way to perfection; one which is reached through prayer. Doing so  never abandoning our personal dialogue with God, our intimate and true friend, responding with certitude and determination being able to say with St. Teresa, “Only God is enough”.  

Sunday, February 16, 2014


In the year 1912, a new outbreak of her previous illness (cancer).On the 27th of September, she signs her spiritual testament. In the year 1913, knowing that her time has come, she dies in Rome on the 16th of February, in great holiness. Her remains arrive at Buenos Aires on the 22nd of March, where night vigil is kept at the metropolitan cathedral. Her body is finally and definitively brought back to Muñiz.

We adore you most Holy Trinity and we thank you for the heroic virtues of faith, hope and charity which you en-kindled in the heart of you faithful servant, Mother Camila Rolon, so that through her work many innocent souls were preserved from evil and directed to the path of virtue.
We beseech you to grant us this grace .......... which we ardently and humbly ask for the greater glory, our spiritual advancement and for the glory of you faithful servant on earth. Amen

Three "Glory Be" are said for this request.

Please send accounts of favors received through Mother Camila's Intercession to:

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Sunday, February 9, 2014


Mother Camila de San Jose Rolón

Mother Camila Charism 

Camila was born on the 18th of July 1842. The sounds of leaves, the song of birds, the murmur of a neighboring river, filled her first years...Her eyes opened on the infinite pampas, on the green hillsides and on colored flowers. From her first childhood, she was used to loving and to being loved. In her parents' home she received strong principles of truth, discretion, loyalty, faithfulness, as well as those of hospitality, elegance and gravity which are specific to the gaucho. 

Her parents, Eusebio Rolon and Maria Gutierrez, bequeath to her above all the spiritual richness of a religious upbringing: a resolute faith; the right meaning of life and death...; the exact meaning of God the Father and Creator of all things; the humble and serene attitude face to sacrifice, to suffering and death.

She well knew human pain and was generous with active charity: poor children, sick people, victims of the yellow fever, they all felt the kindness of her touch and the help of the strong arms of young Camila. 

She thought that the Lord would call her to the cloisters, but then she understood that He wanted her to a founder. And she began to dream...

At Exaltacion de la Cruz, she heard the call of the countryside, that of the fertile soil, not yet plowed, awaiting active sowers: "People are lost because they have no one to give them the bread of Christtian doctrine, and they starve..." Multiplied herself in her Poor Sisters of Saint Joseph, she would be able to carry out her insatiable desire to teach men the love of the Father and to answer Him in a permanent hymn of adoration and praise. 

In poor health and without any resources, she began her mission, she was convinced that "the Great and Merciful God, author of marvels and Lord of Lords", was her "Kind Father" who loved her and who took care of her by His loving Providence. 

Mother Camila, "poor and humble costera", is a message of comforting hope. She took the cross of evangelization, traveled over Argentina and Uruguay, then scattered her disinterested charity over Europe and over the world, making, like Christ, the choice in favor of the poor. Her spiritual perception that God is always more -- more than difficulties, more than limitation, more than poverty, gives the assurance that the mercy and love of God succeed over our sins and over our poverty.